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Boxes are only as good as the person packing them. Using the right box for the right job is important. Smaller boxes should be used for heavier items. Bigger boxes should be used for lighter items. 


Packing books should be packed in smaller boxes to make the weight manageable for the persons carrying them. Use packing paper to protect the books that are important to you.


Refer to your Manual. Most of the new Washers need to be block to prevent damage during transport. Disconnect the hoses and place them inside the washer to avoid misplacement. Placing the Dryer vent hose in the Dryer will provide the same.


The best way to pack and move a Television, is to purchase a TV box. This allows the television to get the right protection. Your local Moving Company or UHAUL dealer will have these available for purchase.


Not all furniture is made for multiple moves. Sometimes taking apart unstable furniture will help against accidental breakage. Press board furniture is one of those items that don't fare so well against moving. Some furniture pieces will need to be disassembled to fit through doors and tight spaces. 


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